Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

The accelerated pace and global scope of business today has made it extremely crucial for educational institutions to churn out those students who are leaders , who have mastered latest concepts and also are self assured , willing to take upon any challenge in life .

Until now management programs were only offered to graduate students from any stream. Then Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) was introduced in the year 1999 by University of Mumbai . Realizing the needs of the industry Navneet Education Society’s Navneet College of Commerce & Science formed its own style of teaching the programme to equip the students with the required skill sets and transform them into great leaders .

This course aims to develop managers with a sense of Passion , Creativity and Commitment . At NDC BMS students are taught how to think and not what to think , how to execute and not just dreamy imaginations . NDC BMS believes in practicality which gives us a competitive edge over others . NES NDC inspires students to develop conventional skills of effective communication , motivation and group dynamics .

NDC BMS pursues knowledge hand in hand with the extra-curriculars with the aim of overall development of an individual with strong personal values . This is done in the following way.

This Course aims at :

  • Integrates industry interaction in the form of guest lectures , summer internships , field visits , live projects .
  • Develop Communication skills and team work skills through presentations and workshops .
  • Encourages community service projects to help sensitise students to their environment .
  • Continuously encourages faculty training and enhancement activities .
  • Exposing students to a vast range of subjects and helping them break their narrow disciplines and explore the infinite possibilities of various fields for e.g Marketing , Finance & Human Resource Management .

Intake Capacity : 60


Faculties in (BMS) :

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1. Pradeep Singh Asst. Professor
2. Harishankar Singh Asst. Professor
3. Prashantkumar Pathak Asst. Professor
4. Varsha Singh Asst. Professor
5. Rekha Naik Asst. Professor
6. Manoj Nahak Asst. Professor
7. Krishna Mishra Asst. Professor
8. SumanYadav Asst. Professor
9. Varsha Singh Asst. Professor
10. Arun Pralhad Lingade Asst. Professor
11. Gaurishankar Singh Asst. Professor