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Principal's Desk

Dr. Harsha Badkar

- Principal

By Education I mean all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit

– Mahatma Gandhi

I believe that every human being is born with immense capacity to excel in various fields and it is the role of education to nurture these inborn potentialities in such a way that the all-round development of personality can be achieved. Teachers as the facilitators of education have a crucial role to play in the process and the educational institute has to provide the feasible platform for the same.

Navneet Education Society was established in 1998, with the sole motive of imparting quality education. The two philosophies guiding us are “Vidya Vardhate Rashtram” (Enriching Nation through Education) and “Vidya Dadati Vinayam” (Education gives Humility). In keeping with this motto, Navneet College of Commerce and Science, Mumbai Central endeavors to deliver quality education to the students from different strata of the society.

I, as the Principal, am proud to be associated with Navneet College of Commerce and Science, which is committed to its vision to create an inclusive society by educating the youth to give rise to their holistic development in keeping with highest ethical standards. It aims to create a generation that is not only smart but also morally responsible and humble by connecting them to the Indian roots. In keeping with Gandhian Philosophy, the College has taken up the mission of Sarvodaya and is aiming to achieve the development of all its stakeholders- the students, teachers, non-teaching staff along with the society in general. Various activities are conducted throughout the year for both students as well as the staff.

We, at Navneet college, take care of all round personality development of each student by paying personal attention to every individual student. Mentoring of students by teachers is one of the main features of the college. The college Management takes special care for promotion of research culture in the college.

The college library is partially computerized and has a large number of books and magazines that are made easily available to students and teachers of the college. A number of co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities are conducted throughout the year. The college is working towards creating future leaders. Hence, Industry-Institute-Interface is an important ingredient in our training process. The Placement Cell of the college under the supervision of competent and sincere faculties conducts several training programs and organizes campus interviews for the deserving students.

I, as the Principal of the College, would like my students to achieve great heights in their careers in particular and life in general. At the same time, I would call upon all teaching and non-teaching staff to excel in their respective fields. I wish the best of luck to all those who contribute to the noble task of spreading education.