Rules and Regulations


  • Students must attend lectures, practicals, tutorials, etc. as per the Time Table. They must not abstain themselves from classes, practicals, tutorials, examinations etc. without written permission of the Principal. Students whose attendance, progress in various tests and examinations is not satisfactory and who do not perform the required number of tutorials and / or practicals are likely to lose their terms.

  • Students who do not submit compulsory project work in subject are likely to lose their term. Prolonged absence even on grounds of ill health may also lead to loss of terms. Defaulters will not be sent for University Examinations.

  • Every Student must wear the Identity Card as long as he/she is on the College Campus. It must be produced by the student whenever demanded by a member of the teaching or non-teaching staff of the College. He/She must take proper care to avoid its misuse by other students and outsiders. In case the Identity Card is lost, the matter should be immediately reported to the Principal and an application should be made for a duplicate Identity Card which will be issued on payment of charges.

  • No society or Association shall be formed in the College and no person should be invited in the College campus without the specific permission of the Principal. The Principal has a right to refuse such permission.

  • All meetings, cultural programs, debates, elocutions, seminars etc. organized on the College Premises must be held in presence of teaching staff members and with the prior permission of the Principal. The subjects of debates/elocutions/ seminars must have the prior approval of the Principal.

  • Ragging is strictly condemned and prohibited in this college. The aggrieved students are requested to report the same to the Principal immediately to take speedy action. The guilty shall be dealt with harshly and severe action as demanded by the situation shall be taken against them as per the provisions of law and directions issued by the Courts.

  • Students involved in malpractices at the College/University Examinations will not be admitted to the College.

  • Students shall not do anything inside or outside the College that will interfere with the discipline of the College or tarnish the image of the College or of the other students.

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited on the College Premises.

  • If, for any reason, the continuance of the student in the College is found detrimental to the best interest of the College, the Principal either may ask the student to leave the College without assigning any reasons or refuse to admit the student for the next academic year; and decision will be final and binding on the student.

Acts of Misbehavior, Misconduct, Indiscipline or Violation of the Rules of Discipline mentioned above are liable for one or more punishments as stated below:

  • Warning to the student.

  • Warning to the student as well as a letter to the parents.

  • Imposition of a fine

  • Denial of, library, N. S. S., student aid or any other facility for a specified period or for the whole Term/Year.

  • Cancellation of Terms.

  • Refusal of admission in the next term or academic year.

  • Cancellation of Admission.

  • Expulsion from the College for a specified period.

The Rules and Regulations brought into force from time to time by the authorities of the college will be binding upon students.