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  • Our Vision

  • Our education should lead to vibrant and ethical thought processes that will create a smart, responsible, humble, inclusive Society which is connected to Indian roots. To ensure that the youth has a holistic development and ethical viewpoint to success.
  • Our Mission

Our mission is nothing but a natural extension of our vision.

  • Sarvodaya: To ensure Progress of all the students, staff members, college and the society in general.
  • Holistic Development/Samagra Vikas: To encourage students to have a holistic understanding and approach in their everyday life. To encourage and ensure their pursuit of knowledge and extracurricular activities assists them and the society by producing some exceptional talent.
  • Research: To create an atmosphere where research fosters and contributes in the uplifting of the society.
  • Industry & Community: To connect, collaborate with the corporates and NGOs to pursue its educational mission. Creating a human resource that meaningfully contributes to Industry and Community.
  • Career Path: To create a human resource that addresses the evolving needs of Business, Technology and Society. Who have an ethical approach to all walks of his/her life.
  • Core Values: To create individuals that have strong core values governing their day to day affairs.
  • Our Goals

  • STUDENTS Learning & Empowerment.
  • FACULTY & STAFF Development.
  • CURRICULUM Enhancement & Enrichment.
  • ACADEMIA INDUSTRY Relationships.
  • COMMUNITY Environment & Value Orientation .