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Railway Concession Form Notice


The Students of Degree College will be issued Railway Concession from the college office from Monday to Friday between 12:00 pm to 1:00pm only. The students wishing to get the same are required to follow the procedure mentioned below. The Student Portal Login can be done from the following link : Student Login Portal.

Railway Concession Form Filling Procedure:
    • Step 1: Go the Student Login Portal.
    • Step 2:Enter the Username and Password (email id and mobile number as used for ONLINE EXAM).
    • Step 3:Click on “RCF” (displayed below ‘Fees’ on the left side in the menu bar).
    • Step 4: Apply for Railway Concession will appear.
    • Step 5: Scroll below and options for choosing the details will appear.
    • Step 6: Choose Railway Routei.e Western/Central/Harbour.
    • Step 7: Choose Travelling Class as required i.e First Class / Second Class.
    • Step 8: Choose Season Ticket Category (duration for which the railway pass is required) i.e Monthly/Quarterly.
    • Step 9: Write the name of the station (where you reside) in from Station.

**The address of the student will be matched with the station before issuing the concession form.

  • Step 10: To Station will remain the same for every student i.e Mumbai Central (as the destination is same for everyone)
  • Step 11: Duration should be same as Season Ticket Category i.e Monthly/Quarterly.
  • Step 12: Click on Apply to submit the Railway Concession Application Form.

Please Note:

  1. If the form is filled only by the student on Monday,then the Railway Concession will be issued on Tuesday.
  2. Students will need to collect the Railway Concession Form from the office.
  3. Students can also check the status of their Railway Concession by clicking on List.
  4. User Manual for filling the same is mentioned below.

Railway Concession Form Notice: Click here to view