Date: 19.04.2022


Dear Studens

You are hereby informed that the libray wants you all to return the book bank books. The students have to return the books as per the schedule mentioned below.

SR.No. Courses Due Date
1 FYBcom/BMS/BAF/Bsc-IT 13/05/2022
2 SYBcom/BMS/BAF/Bsc-IT 20/04/2022
3 TYBcom 28/04/2022
4 TY BscIT 03/05/2022
5 TYBMS 13/05/2022

Please return the books on or before due date mentioned in a table. Those who don’t return their books will be chargeda late fine.

By Order,
Narendra Chandratre

Returning library books: Click here to view